Military Discharge Codes Other Than Honorable

Military Discharge Codes Other Than Honorable

Five Vietnam combat veterans and three veterans’ organization filed a class action lawsuit in federal. with the disorder received other than honorable discharges, known as "bad paper" before that.

Military discharge in the United States. facing OTH are guaranteed, by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the right to have. an other than honorable conditions discharge, including the Montgomery GI Bill and (in most cases) VA healthcare benefits.

Normally, this applies to those who receive a General, Under Honorable Conditions, Other than Honorable, or Bad-Conduct Discharge. Those who receive a Dishonorable Discharge or Dismissal are not eligible to apply to the DRB. These less-than-honorable discharges can haunt you for life, socially and professionally.

I was discharged from the Active Army on September 9, 1993. I was given a discharge separation code KFS. The character of service is under other than honorable.

A discharge upgrade changes the "character of service" shown on your dd-214 discharge, most certificates show the "character of service" as either Honorable, General (Under Honorable Conditions), Other Than Honorable, Bad Conduct or Dishonorable.

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states the character of service with the type of discharge. This may be honorable, other than honorable (OTH), bad conduct, or dishonorable. You are normally only eligible for reenlistment if you have an honorable discharge. All other discharges than honorable tend to have legal or court martial offenses attached to them. Box 26

Frequently Asked Questions.. Based on the characterization of service for my discharge, Honorable, General, Other than Honorable, Bad Conduct, or Dishonorable, what benefits am I eligible for?. Enlisted personnel separated from any component of the military are assigned RE codes to.

A former sailor is suing the Navy over her other-than-honorable discharge. follow orders or regulations and violation of orders/regulations, of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. In response to.

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discharges were issued "under conditions other than dishonorable," VA must apply the standards set forth in Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) 3.12 "Other than Honorable" Discharges – Special Health Care Rule An individual with an "Other than Honorable" discharge that VA has determined to be disqualifying

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